Any player signing a player registration form to play for LUFC is bound to the assigned team for that soccer season unless the player requests a transfer and the transfer is approved. A request for transfer must be made in writing specifying the reasons and with copies being sent to the coach and LUFC president who will make a determination. This decision can be appealed following the appeal process of MYSA. Player transfers may only be approved for the following reasons:

1. Player relocates to a different community.

2. Voluntary release by club.

3. Player's desire to play at a higher level which is not available at LUFC.



No refund will be given without a written request from the parents to the LUFC Registrar and LUFC DOC.  

Refunds: $50 is considered non-refundable to cover administrative costs. NOTE:  The Refund deadline is February 1st. 

All Refund requests received after this date except for Medical reasons will be declined.  All Medical Refund requests must be received in writing by May 1st, 2017.

Your refund request will be reviewed by the LUFC executive board and you will receive a prompt response to your request.  

**If LUFC cannot place you on a team we will issue a full refund.