While we do our best to update this page we may not always get it updated to the most current Player Code of Conduct. To be assured you are reading the most up-to-date Player Code of Conduct please CLICK HERE.

The following code of conduct covers specific areas and will apply for the duration of the players membership with Lakes United Futbol Club (“LUFC”). It is impossible to outline every situation that may occur while a player is a member of LUFC, however it is vital that every player behave appropriately at all times. It is expected that players behave in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, their team, their family and LUFC.

LUFC players are expected to:

  • Attend, be prepared and arrive on time for all practices, games and team events
  • Conform to the rules established by the team coach and club coaching staff
  • Maintain a positive individual attitude and support a positive team environment
  • Maintain a high level of physical and mental conditioning
  • Commit to developing their skills individually on their own time
  • Demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship at all times
  • Report injuries to the head coach
  • Adhere to the laws of the game
  • Respect the coach, manager, referee, opponent and the game of soccer
  • Greet the coaching staff on arrival at team events and when leaving events
  • Be humble in victory
  • Remember the things that require zero talent:
    • Being on time
    • Having a strong work ethic
    • Giving maximum effort
    • Positive body language
    • Bringing energy
    • Having a positive attitude
    • Being coachable
    • Doing extra
    • Being prepared

LUFC players will not:

  • Engage in dissent toward an official, teammate or opponent
  • Use profane or vulgar language
  • Leave any team event without notifying the Head Coach
  • Drink alcohol or use any controlled substance (drugs) unless prescribed by a physician

Practice and Field Rules:

  • Be mentally and physically ready for team events
  • Report to practice early enough to allow you to get your equipment on so that training may begin on time
  • Training and match officially start when the coach starts the warmup
  • You must wear the LUFC practice uniform at practices
  • Clean up all garbage from the field and bench area at the end of team practices and games
  • Respect your facilities and equipment
  • During matches you are required to maintain a professional attitude on the sideline. This includes remaining seated on the sideline unless instructed by the coach. Only positive reinforcement and encouragement should be directed at the field.
  • “Trash talking” is not tolerated
  • You are required to remain with the team until dismissed by the Head Coach or otherwise excused
  • The Head Coach is in charge and all questions should be directed to them

Dress Code and Appearance:

  • LUFC players are required to wear their LUFC uniform kit at games and practices
  • All players will bring both set of jerseys to all games
  • All players will come to training dressed in the training uniform (training tops) and always have both training tops with
  • Shin guards are required at all soccer events including practices, games, scrimmages and camps


  • You will travel per team instructions and guidelines for that trip
  • You will adhere to the team itinerary for that trip
  • Any delays in travel should be communicated directly to the coach
  • You will follow the rules and instructions of the chaperones


  • No team/player meetings should take place in any hotel rooms
  • Shoes must be worn in all public areas at a hotel
  • Team apparel should be worn in public and players should be dressed appropriately
  • No guests are permitted in any team rooms


Players failing to follow the club's code of conduct will be sanctioned accordingly by the Head Coach, DOC, Executive Director or LUFC Board. Violations could result in suspension or dismissal from the program. Consequences include:

  • Verbal warning from the Head Coach
  • Reduced playing time, removal from tournament roster
  • Suspension of playing privileges for a determined amount of time
  • Dismissal from the club or team

All serious violations will result in a meeting with the club DOC prior to any disciplinary action being taken. Red cards will be reviewed by the DOC. All suspensions are the responsibility of the player. Continued red card offenses will be considered a serious violation of the Player Code of Conduct.

While we do our best to update this page we may not always get it updated to the most current Player Code of Conduct. To be assured you are reading the most up-to-date Player Code of Conduct please CLICK HERE.

As parents of soccer players, you are allowing us access to your child’s life. We want to make sure the environment we are creating in our club is enhanced by your presence. Below is a range of expectations that will benefit your child’s participation in our club.

Parent Expectations

Parents are not only supporters of their children, but are also role models whose actions reflect on and influence their player, team and club. LUFC parents are expected to:

  • Remember the game is for the players, not for you
  • Enable players to attend all possible team events such as practices, games and meetings
  • Set an example of good and fair conduct and positive sportsmanship
  • Allow the coach to direct practices and games
  • Be your players biggest fan, regardless of the results
  • Remember that your child’s soccer career is a long-term development process
  • Contribute with meaningful and thoughtful communication
  • Encourage your child to speak up and communicate with their coach and teammates
  • Abide by the rules and policies of LUFC and your team

Parent Considerations of Players Development

Parents play a critical role in their child’s development and soccer can be used as a tool to enhance a childhood and instill life-long memories and lessons. LUFC encourages you to support your child in the game in a manner that supports the spirit of sportsmanship and respect. For the purpose of developing this club and becoming a leader in respect initiatives, LUFC would like you to consider the following:

  • Be your child’s biggest supporter. Do not withdraw your love when your child performs below their standards
  • Parents should not coach from the sidelines during matches or practices
  • Refrain from criticizing your child or any child’s performance
  • Do not criticize the coach. If you find yourself unhappy with the coach you should approach the coach to discuss the issue Support all players on your child’s team
  • Respect and applaud the opposition players and coaches
  • Do not humiliate, criticize, comment on opponents, their coaches or the referees

Player Independence & Responsibility

As parents, we encourage you to nurture independence and responsibility in your child.

  • Make it your child’s responsibility to pack their own uniform and equipment in their soccer bag
  • If appropriate, encourage your child to communicate directly with the coach about issues, concerns, conflicts or simply missing upcoming practices or games
  • Players should be reminded to take responsibility for their own performance and not place blame on others
  • Allow your child the freedom to practice with his or her team without your active presence or evaluation
  • Responsibility and ownership is an important part of maturing. Your child’s handling of these tasks on and off the field complete ownership of all aspects of being a soccer player

Parent Sportsmanship Agreement

Your coach and club kindly ask for your cooperation in abiding by the rules and guidelines that all players, coaches, referees and spectators are required to follow. In order to provide a fun and positive environment for everyone, LUFC asks that you check the following agreement during registration:

  • I will be positive
  • I will express support and encouragement for my child and their teammates
  • I will respect and support my child’s coach
  • I understand that any coaching or instructions from the parents side of the field is not allowed
  • I will let the coach do the coaching without my interference
  • I will adhere to a 24-hour “cooling off” period before communicating with a coach
  • I will respect the referees and refrain from criticizing their calls
  • I will accept the referee’s decision no matter the result or how unfair or incorrect they may appear
  • I will respect club officials
  • I understand that soccer has rules, policies and guidelines. All decisions made by the club are made in good faith and are for the betterment of all players
  • I will be a good sport
  • I will teach my child good sportsmanship towards the opposing team and parents as well as respect for property owned by others or leased by the club
  • I will recognize the importance and value of club volunteers
  • Coaches, referees and club officials give their time and resources to provide a complete soccer experience for my child
  • I will accept the consequences if I behave improperly. Consequences may include being removed from games by the referee, suspension from attending games and removal from the team and club.