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Birth Year 2017-2006

COST: $45.00



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Who can tryout for the Competitive Program?

The Competitive Tryouts are open to anybody ages U9-U19, born in the years 2016-2005. 2016's (true U8) are able to play with U9's!

What do I need to do to be considered for the Competitive Program?

To be considered for the Competitive Program you must register online, pay the tryout fee and attend your tryout session.

It is strongly encouraged you attend the entire session so the evaluators can see you play as much as possible.

What happens if I cannot attend my tryout sessions?

It is very important for players to attend tryouts. If you cannot attend tryouts due to medical extenuating circumstances, please indicate that when registering online and you will be evaluated on recent Club data. If you are unable to attend tryouts, then we will place you on the lowest level team in that age group OR place you where the biggest need is on an age group older IF there are open roster spots available. 

Can I tryout up an age group?

Yes. In the online registration you must indicate that you want to tryout up an age group. THERE IS NO LONGER A FEE TO DO SO. The decision to play up will be completed on an individual basis for each player. You must be one of the top players on the top team in your own age group in order to be considered to play up.

What will tryouts consist of?

Tryouts will consist of small sided games such as 4v4-7v7 AND players will compete in age-appropriate games such as 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11.

Who are the evaluators?

The evaluators are primarily LUFC Staff Coaches and outside of the Club paid evaluators.

What do the evaluators look for?

By playing small sided games the evaluators are looking for kids who can make an impact in the game. It is based on a four pillar model which includes technical ability, tactical understanding, physical capability and character skills.

How are goalkeepers evaluated?

For U9-U12 all players are evaluated as field players. If goalkeepers are needed in the games, they will be on random rotation. Starting at U13 players will have the opportunity to be evaluated as a goalkeeper. At these ages, goalkeepers will be evaluated in goal during small-sided scrimmages. Let the evaluators know if you want to be evaluated as half field player and half goalkeeper.

What if my player isn't playing their preferred position during tryouts?

They need to make sure to let the an evaluator know or try and switch with someone after playing the position they were given for a while. Most evaluators have no idea what position you are playing and if you say nothing or do nothing, they will have no idea.

What is the process after the tryout sessions?

E-mail communication will be sent out to the address used during the registration process.  Please watch that email for updated information on player placement and how to register for the Competitive Program.

What is included in the team fee?

Our main goal for the team fees is to provide an exceptional value to our players and their families. It is also our intention to make the team fees meaningful for each age group.  All team fees represent costs to participate in LUFC’s Competitive Program. Please see the Team Plans for specific details.

Can I get financial assistance for the Competitive Program?

Yes, each committed player will be expected to contribute a percentage of their player fees, but through a combination of Financial Aid and Scholarships, we hope to be able to ensure all players get to play.

Does LUFC’s Competitive Program cost more than other soccer programs?

No, the value of our soccer program is great. All fees are included such as: coaching fee, facilities, and leagues.  Please see Team Plans for specifics.   Our largest expenses are facilities, coaching fees and league/tournament fees. What's included does vary by age group, please see Team Plans for specifics.


The link to register for tryouts is above or below on this page and will bring you to a new screen. The following steps are required through our registration software with Team Snap:

  • NEW Team Snap members must register a Team Snap account and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • EXISTING LUFC & Team Snap members should just have to log in with your current Team Snap credentials. If you are registering under an existing Team Snap account the system should populate some or most of your data.