REGISTRATION FOR THE INAUGURAL SEASON IS OPENING SOON!! Players from ALL SURROUNDING communities invited to join. In the meantime we will continue updating this page as we get closer to kicking it off!

How Many & Which Days Per Week?

We will maintain strict adherence to 2 events per week within our Developmental League to follow our league purpose and principles. Those events are 1 training session or day per week and 1 game day per week.

The potential days will be on the following days to stay away from summer weekends:

Sunday - Late evenings for a potential training day (team choice)

Monday thru Thursday - Potential days for either a training day or game day depending on age level.

Fridays & Saturdays - Are considered "black out" days. No training or games will be held on these days.

Each Age Group level will have a set league game playing night. An example is:



1st Grade Boys - Tuesdays 

1st Grade Girls - Tuesdays

2nd Grade Boys - Wednesdays

2nd Grade Girls - Wednesdays

3rd Grade Boys -  Mondays

3rd grade Girls - Mondays

What does the Season Schedule look like?

Max Events (training and games) Per Week = 2

Training (practices)

  • Can start the 3rd week in May
  • 1x per week during the game season


  • Will start the 1st week of June
  • 8 week game schedule, 1 per week
  • Playing nights TBD, refer to the "How Many & Which Days Per Week?" tab for an example
  • Final playing nights determined after registrations are in. 
  • Plan on a Monday/Wednesday split

"Black Out Week" 

  • No training or games the week of the 4th of July
How are Teams Formed?

Teams are formed based on (in order of priority):

  1. Location - As part of the general philosophy of our Developmental league we want to our best to keep community based teams. Our goal is to have, at a minimum a team or teams based in Chisago Lakes, Forest Lake, North Branch and possibly other surrounding communities if there is enough interest in those communities. 
  2. Age - Teams formed by current year GRADE level, not birth year as in competitive. Teams will ultimately be 1 age group, but until we establish the league we may have 2 age groups combined to form a team. Example would be 3rd & 4th grade may be together to form a team.
  3. Gender - As we begin to roll out our Developmental League we anticipate we will have coed teams. As our league grows we are hopeful to have gender based teams.
Where will we Practice & Play Games?

You will play your home games and practice in OR near your community based on field availability. There could be a combined team with an adjacent community as we roll out this programming.

Away games will be at other locations within the Developmental League. These communities would be Forest Lake, Chisago Lakes Area, North Branch, and possibly another surrounding community if there is a local team. Travel will be limited to those locations.

What's the cost & what's included in the Cost of Registration?

All of the following is included in your registration costs:

  • Player US Club Registration & Insurance
  • Field Rental Fees
  • Field Maintenance Fees
  • Ref Fees
  • Player Uniforms (1 top, 1 short & 1 set of socks)
  • Team/Coach Equipment - Game Goal and training equipment


2023 Cost of Registration: $245

Can we join the League if we are in a Rec or Competitive Program?

REC - Absolutely! If it fits the schedule between the two you are more than welcome to register and participate in both! The expectation, if there were ever a time where a conflict arose between the two (same day), that the Developmental League game/training would take precedent.

COMPETITIVE - This would not be feasible as the competitive schedule between training days, games and tournaments would overlap. A typical Competitive team on our Competitive side has a minimum 3 events per week schedule and an Academy level team would likely have more.

Who Coaches the Teams?

As part of the Developmental League and the philosophy to keep costs manageable for those who participate we must have volunteer coaches. This is vital to the success of the league. Volunteer coaches will receive a coaching reimbursement on their child's registration.

As we continue to build and develop coaches within our Club we will utilize our younger coaches from within the Club, local high School programs to supplement if there are enough of them.

ALL COACHES will be provided our training curriculum to aid in the development of the players. After all, we are developing soccer players AND coaches!

Are there Refs?

The intention is to provide refs from our competitive soccer program, local high school programs and of course parent volunteers. As we are building this program and it being in its 1st year coaches may be tasked with working together to "ref" each game as this is a developmental league. 

Uniforms...Sizing & What do we get?


  • (1) Top
  • (1) Black Soccer Short
  • (1) Pair of Soccer Socks


The number on the uniform is provided direct from our vendor. We will not have the ability to choose a players uniform for the 2023 season.


PLEASE NOTE: The following information is based upon last year's (2022) uniform supplier. As of this reading we have not confirmed our supplier for this year, but is likely similar style and sizing. Once we have updated supplier info we will notify those registered & update this info.

You will indicate sizing for your player on the registration form. Use the link below to double check the sizing. 

Choosing the top size based on the "Adult" or "Youth" section of the link below. NOTE: Do NOT order based on Ladies, Girls, or Juniors.

Augusta Sizing Chart

General Game/Match Rules

General Overview of Game/Match Rules


Games will be played 6v6 including a goalkeeper. 6v6 small-sided games allow for players to get more touches on the ball during game play as well as replicating all of the movements in a full size 11v11 game.


Field sizes will be variable depending on the location. Generally the fields will be 160-165 feet long by 85-90 feet wide.


We utilize mobile (set up/tear down) goals for our Developmental League. Goals such as brand names like Bownet and/or SKLZ Quickster. We utilize these for ease of transportation, usability & matching our goal size requirements. Sizes will be 6x12 or 7x14 depending on the age group.


  • Offsides will be in effect
  • No slide tackling
  • No heading the ball (US Soccer regulations)
  • Throw-ins, corner-kicks
  • NO penalty kicks, fouls in the box result in an indirect free-kick

Full rules and regulations will be posted as we move closer to the start of the season.


As part of our Club Philosophy to bring the wonderful sport of soccer to the youth in all of our communities we recognize the desire to play soccer in a more competitive environment than a traditional rec program, but without the time and financial commitment expected at the competitive level. As we build these developmental/community based competitive programs we will update our members & communities as they roll out. Our goal is to begin in some capacity in the Spring/Summer of 2023.