TEAM PLANS 2022-2023

Our team plans linked below cover the most important details for age group and competitive level teams. Teams/team plans are based on 2 models including commitment to playing, competitive level of the teams/players, and financial commitment relative to the team that best fits our members.

ALL TEAMS will have the same winter training opportunities as we move into a new winter training facility located at the National Sports Center (NSC) indoor turf at either the NSC Dome or NSC Sports Hall.


Our standard competitive level Club team with a good balance of training opportunities, flexibility in commitment with other life activities, in an extremely value rich environment relative to most other club soccer programs. Teams generally compete at the common competitive level of play within the Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) and are encouraged to play in local tournaments within Minnesota, or what the team decides as a whole. These teams will have coaches that are required to participate in our Lakes United FC Coaching Education Program and encouraged to participate in US Soccer or United Soccer Coaches coach education program.


Our more advanced competitive level Club team(s) with a higher expectation level of competitive play, commitment, with additional training & playing opportunities. Teams generally compete at a higher level within league play & are encouraged to participate in regional & showcase tournaments. Academy level teams will have coaches that participate in our Lakes United FC Coaching Education Program and are expected to continue their coaching education with US Soccer or United Soccer Coaches coach education program.


Those age groups that have a FALL TCSL option (U13 and lower) will have the ability to select a "No Fall" option during the team registration process if a player cannot play in a fall league. There will be a discount to adjust the team registration fee.

A Fall only option is only available if roster sizes allow at U11-U13 and please reach out to

ALL U9 & U10 players have the option of playing Fall only, no Fall or full year. If you are interested in a Fall only option please reach out to be placed on a Fall team!

FALL ROSTERS are not indicative of our main Spring/Summer team rosters. There may be combined Spring/Summer rosters for Fall play.


Team registration costs are found on the team plans below. Registration for the specific teams will begin after tryouts & team placements have been communicated NO LATER than 2 days after tryouts. Once notification is received by the member/player team registration must be completed no later than 2 days to accept & secure a roster spot.

Payment plans this year are spread over 9 monthly payments after the initial deposit is made (total of 10 payments) upon registering for your team.


There is a robust financial aid package available via submitting anĀ application. Please visit our Financial Aid page on our website for information and to complete an application.



U13-U19 COMP

U13-U19 ACAD