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Annual General Meeting

It’s that time of year when Lakes United will be holding our Annual General Meeting - SUNDAY September 21st, 6PM at the Wyoming Public Library, 26855 Forest Blvd, Wyoming. (three blocks north of the stoplight by the Cornerstone on Hwy 61).

Agenda for the meeting:
- Roll Call
- Approval of Minutes from last Board Meeting
- President’s Message
- Director of Coaching - Future Direction
- Financial Recap – where our fees go
- Presentation of Nominees for 2015 Board

Board positions up for election this year include: Vice President, Secretary, Recreation Program Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, and Field Coordinator.

- Voting by Membership on Board Nominees
- Open Forum

Discuss Survey Results
Formation of Committees

- Meeting Adjournment

Volunteering builds community! There is much work to be done; please consider joining one of the two LUFC committees we have made priority of establishing this upcoming year - the Competitive Play Committee and the Communications/PR Committee.

The Annual General Meeting is open to all members. I invite you to come and learn more about your club!

Tom Hallberg
LUFC President

Need to volunteer? Don't know how?

Check out the Lakes United FC DIBS page for all the current opportunities and get signed up today!  Please use the link below or click on the DIBS tab on the upper right hand side of this page.


Reaching our 20/20 Vision

~~LUFC Members!!! Who do you know who has the ability and possible desire to gift Lakes United $5000 a year of appreciated stock?

Parents!!! Who do you know that is PERHAPS A GRANDPARENT to your beautiful soccer star(s) who isn't spending the distribution they are required to take from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) once they have turned 70 1/2?

Please help these special people get in touch with the club leadership. We are actively seeking TWENTY donors, both loud ones and  anonymous ones, to pledge a gift of at least $5000 per year indefinitely in the form of appreciated investments or cash. These gifts should be tax deductible, but one ought to check with their tax advisor to be sure it would be for them.

These annual funds will be used in three primary ways: new soccer facility/complex, additional staff, and club operations.

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