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Mission Statement

LUFC Mission Statement:

Lakes United Futbol Club is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the physical, mental, and emotional development of area youth through the sport of soccer.

2016 Tryout/Evaluation Registration is Open

Please click on the link below to get all the information and to register for the 2016 Tryouts/Evaluations.  Please note that You Can NO LONGER exempt out of Tryouts.  Exemptions are no longer being excepted.


Fall Traveling Soccer Registration is Open!

Please click on the below link to get all the details and to sign up.

Fall Traveling Soccer

Proposed By Law Amendment --This Amendment was PASSED

Whenever changes to club by laws are requested, a public posting period and club member vote is required.  The club will vote on these amendments at the June 21st board meeting, 6PM, North Branch Public Library.  We will be voting to remove the following section (Section 6) from Article IV: Board of Directors.

Section 6: A person shall not be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

Lakes United Raffle Result Winners

Everyday during the month of June, LUFC  will be announcing a winner from the LUFC Raffle Fundraiser.  Please click on the link below or click on the fundraising page to see the daily winners.


Raffle Results

The Direction of Lakes United FC : Creating a Vision

At our annual meeting in September, president Tom Hallberg laid out a vision of the next six years as LUFC continues to grow. The following points highlight that vision such that by the summer season on 2021 Lakes United will have:

A C1 team at every level U13 and up.
At least two teams at every level of play including boys to age u16
Annual 10% growth measured every two years when jerseys are ordered
85% retention of players
A Goalkeeper Academy that is the envy of MYSA. One where young players can feel out the position in a fun nonthreatening way.
A outdoor facility of our own and an indoor place to allow for year-round training opportunities
A club Powered by Eight very active and passionate committees Driven by an engaged Board that is focused, on our mission.

  Volunteering builds community! There is much work to be done; please consider joining one of the two LUFC committees we have made priority of establishing this upcoming year - the Competitive Play Committee and the Communications/PR Committee. LOOK AT THE DIB PAGE!!

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